The Big Come Up "The Come Up Song " Music Competition Rules

  1. Eligibility for  all Singers or Rappers:
  • The competition is open to unknown artists worldwide.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old or have parental consent.
  • Artists must agree to terms and conditions.
  1. Entry Requirements:
    • Artists must register at least 3 of their original songs to be listened to and can be sold on according to the platform’s terms and conditions.
  • Download and utilize one of the digital music tracks provided by for “The Come Up Song.”
  1. Song Creation Guidelines:
    • Artists are required to write and record their own lyrics for “The Come Up Song” in collaboration with Shaq Fu Records’ star artist, Mopacino.
    • After recording on one of the digital tracks provided by, All Artist’s versions of The Come Up Song will be uploaded to the Artist page to be judged.  
    • An email will be provided in order to let know when each artist has completed and submitted their version of the song.
  • Keep in mind that the theme of “The Come Up song” is related to making money and bettering one’s situation in life.
  1. Multi-Platform Usage:
  • The winning song will be released by Shaq Fu Records as a single and may also be featured on Mopacino’s album.
  • Additionally, the chosen song will be used as the theme song for The Big Come Up Podcast.
  1. Collaboration with Mopacino:
  • Mopacino and the winning artist will independently write their own lyrics for “The Come Up.”
  • Collaborative recording and production of the song will take place during the winner’s paid studio time with Mopacino.
  1. Winner’s Package:
  • The winning artist will receive paid studio time with Mopacino to finalize “The Come Up” song.
  • A first-class flight to any concerts where the artist will perform “The Come Up.”
  • Ground transportation for concerts.
  • First-class hotel accommodations.
  • Provided meals during the stay.
  • Opportunities to perform “The Come Up song” in large venues alongside Mopacino as needed.
  1. Submission Period:
  • Submissions will be accepted from March 1st 2024 May15th 2024.
  • Late entries will not be considered.
  1. Judging Criteria:
  • Originality and creativity in lyrics and composition.
  • Relevance to the theme of “The Come Up.”
  • Vocal or rap proficiency and delivery.
  • Overall production quality.
  1. Selection Process:
  • Initial screening by panel to shortlist top entries.
  • Finalists’ songs will be shared on for public voting.
  • Shaq Fu Records, in collaboration with Mopacino, will select the winner from the top-voted entries.
  1. Promotion and Publicity:
  • The winner agrees to participate in promotional activities, The Big Come Up PodCast,  interviews, and social media engagement to promote the released song.
  1. Rights and Ownership:
  • The winning artist retains ownership of the original composition but grants Shaq Fu Records the exclusive right to distribute and promote the song.
  1. Disclaimer:
  • and Shaq Fu Records reserve the right to disqualify any submission that violates the competition rules or fails to meet the specified criteria.

By participating in the competition, artists agree to comply with these rules and regulations. and Shaq Fu Records reserve the right to amend or update the rules as necessary

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